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Sistem Group, which has been operating in the food sector since 1980, founded Ege Glutensiz Ltd. Company in 2011.


Ege Glutensiz, which had operated in 2011, started construction of Çiğli / İzmir facilities in the same year. Completed in 2012, the facility produced shelf-stable EGE Gluten-Free Bread, which was the first to be wrapped by M.A.P. Techonology in Turkey. By the year 2013, our multi-purpose flour and other products have started to take place in markets throughout Turkey.


Ege Glutensiz, which made its first exports in 2014, had sold its products in 1200 stores and markets; and in 2016, the total number of exported countries has increased to 6. 

It continues to carry on R & D work for new products continuously.

Our Story

gluten free flour


Quality as what we perceive as surplus of expectations, with a respect for universal values, preserving the environment and nature to carry it to the future, without compromising work health and safety, We proudly carry our corporate production to the future by producing healthy, hygienic and delicious gluten-free products in accordance with national and international food safety standards in accordance with the principles of honesty, trust, respect and transparency in our relations with our employees, suppliers and customers.


Ege Glutensiz has  ISO 22000 Food Safety System , Halal Food and Kosher certifications.

Continuous control in raw material supply, storage, production and logistics phases is provided.

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