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Gluten Free Diet


With a little Attention and some Curiosity
Gluten-free Living is easy to get used to!

  You should make it a habit to read the contents of the products you buy first. Not only in your grocery shopping, but also in non-grocery shopping such as toothpaste, lip gloss and cosmetics products, you should have the same attention. Gluten protein may be present in certain medicines, even with vitamin content, so read the medicines prospectus or consult your doctor.


  Note that in the glued area in envelopes and paper cups where it contacts with the mouth may have gluten aswell. If you are not living alone, you can create gluten-free areas in your kitchen.


  A separate cupboard with your own shelf in refrigerator and kitchenware will contribute to minimizing your question marks and health problems in mind.


  It will be more appropriate to choose products such as glass, porcelain instead of these kitchen utensils and equipments or to have separate materials for yourself as it may have gluten due to the use of cleaning tools such as wood, plastic and teflon. No matter how it washed, breadcrumbs may pass while vegetables were chopped to the next meal from the small intervals of the board. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the kitchen counter before cooking your food. Gluten-infectious tools such as toaster and sandwich toaster should be your own tools instead of sharing them with households.

  You should always have snacks packed with gluten-free products that will appease you. This habit will be a measure to keep you hungry and reduce your anxiety. In addition, fresh or dried fruits and nuts (such as figs, apricots, apple almonds, hazelnuts) can easily comes to rescue in starvation situations. 

gluten free diet
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